We're about to change the wheel game.

Available Fall 2014

Revolutionary Technology

While this looks complicated, the technology itself is fairly simple and easy to install on any vehicle.


Generates power as the wheel spins. No wiring required.

Super Bright LEDs

RoHS + CE compliant LEDs with extended life.

Weatherproof USB

Car wash safe. Upload new images via software.

Customizable Images

Program any image to your wheel & add animation effects.

Wireless Remote

Turn images on/off or switch between images on the go.

Integrated CPU

Directional + speed-sensitive circuit board stabilizes image.

LEDs in Action

Wheel Design

Engineered to withstand real world conditions. LED wheels are machined from 6061 pure billet aluminum.

  • Weather Resistant - Heat, Rain, Snow
  • Vacuum Formed Polycarbonate Windows
  • Custom Paint Option Available in Any Color
  • Multi-Piece Design Allows Future Upgrades

It's Awesome

See what other features this wheel includes...

Custom Images

The LED Wheels software allows you to custom program any image you'd like to display on the wheel. You can also select from various image effects including expand or rotate. Program up to six images per wheel and swap through using the included wireless remote.

Instant-Off Feature

The wheels automatically turn off when a speed of 25 mph or below is calculated. When the vehicle speeds back up, the images instantly turn back on. Also, the wheels include a smart memory function which remembers it's last remote setting when power is turned off.

Universal Plug N' Play

Requires no wiring from the car battery to the wheel. Power is automatically generated as the wheel spins. No more custom installs, no more wires -- easy 15 minute setup. Currently available in 22" and 24" wheel sizes, fits most vehicles. Other sizes available soon.


LED Wheel Designer 1.0

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